The awardees 2018

Preistraeger 2018 Der Kulturpreis THE POWER OF THE ARTS wurde an vier gemeinnuetzige Projekte mit je 50.000 € in Berlin in den Spreewerkstaetten vergeben. The Power of the Arts ist eine Initiative der Philip Morris GmbH Berlin, 12.12.2018 Foto: Eva Oertwig / SCHROEWIG www.SCHROEWIG.com SCHROEWIG News & Images Uhlandstraße 134 D-10717 Berlin (Germany) Fon +49 30 892 10 76 Fax +49 30 893 36 17 Mobil +49 157 80 35 69 28

More than 120 non-profit initiatives followed the second open call from “The Power of the Arts.” The initiative promotes projects that advocate for an open society and a new “We” through culture. This year, there were four projects that particularly caught the jury’s attention. Each is receiving a price of 50,000 euros.

The jury is comprised of Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung), Samy Deluxe (rapper), Ralf Fücks (author), Kübra Gümüsay (publicist and activist), Erika Hoffmann (Sammlung Hoffmann), Lamya Kaddor (author and Islamic Studies scholar), Diana Kinnert (politician, entrepreneur, and author), and Clemens Schick (actor).

“We have the great fortune to be living in a society that has never been as diverse and liberal as it is today. Yet current debates do show this status by no means is to be misunderstood as being undisputed. That is why it is more important than ever to carry on this initiative. It is a joy to again be awarding four projects that are exemplary in their engagement for our open society despite a wide array of resistance,” emphasizes Elfriede Buben, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Philip Morris GmbH

The jury has awarded the following projects:

  • Kulturisten Hoch 2, Stiftung Generationen-Zusammenhalt

KULTURISTEN2, A Foundation for Generational Solidarity

This initiative creates tandems between senior citizens and secondary school students in upper classes, who then attend cultural events together, such as exhibitions, theater, and opera. It uses the connecting power of art and culture to initiate contact among people of different backgrounds, generations, and cultures, and to foster solidarity in Hamburg’s neighborhoods. The award is designated for enabling the project to scale to additional districts and cities.

The jury states: “This initiative facilitates low-threshold access to culture and promotes intergenerational encounters. Free from moral judgement, participants are picked up from their often isolated and lonely day-to-day lives while teenagers are encouraged to actively contribute to the shaping of our society.”

  • Migrantpolitan, Kampnagel


For many refugee artists, the self-managed event center Migrantpolitan represents their start in the creative field and creates real long-term professional perspectives. With the help of this award, the 12-person team will be expanded into a professional ensemble. They will be using the prize money to jointly produce the soap “RAMADRAM,” which is scheduled for distribution via YouTube for Ramadan 2019.

“The planned soap is an authentic reflection of Arab series culture. The underrepresented inside perspective is rendered tangible in a humorous, yet serious manner. The often artistic-biographical approach provides for a constructive perspective change. At times ironic, its realization represents an alternative cure in these tense times,” says the jury.

  • Musik für einen Stadtteil, Stadtteilkantorat Mümmelmannsberg & Trimum e.V.

MUSIK FÜR EINEN STADTTEIL, Gemeindezentrum Mümmelmannsberg & Trimum e.V.

In Hamburg’s underprivileged district of Mümmelmannsberg, this interreligious community project advocates to dismantle feelings of alienation and jointly develops musical event formats with Muslim, Christian, and Jewish musicians and artists. The mutual music-making aims to provide space for expression to the many voices coming from the district’s more than one hundred cultures of origin. This prize means the project can be reliably sustained for another year.

The jury explains: “This project sets an entire city district into motion. Its intergenerational, interreligious, and intercultural program provides a stage for the wide variety of identities. The initiators’ approach sends a strong signal: Making these encounters possible represents an attitude on life.”

  • Weiter Schreiben, wearedoingit e.V.

WEITER SCHREIBEN, wearedoingit e.V.

This initiative of 100 women enables female refugee writers to continue their work in exile. Together with renowned German authors like Annett Gröschner, Nora Bossong, and Nino Haratischwili, the work of the artists in exile is placed in the foreground. With the prize money an artistically designed print magazine will extend the current online platform.

“The publishing plans for this unique exchange will create stories of far-reaching impact. Despite the biographical ties, the quality of this literary work is in the foreground. Author Annika Reich and her co-initiators not only succeed in closing a system gap, they also bring calm and reflection to an agitated debate,” explains the jury.


The initiative “The Power of the Arts” has now been hosted for the second time in a row by Philip Morris GmbH. For decades now, the company has been committed to social inclusion for everyone, and since the 60s has been well known as a sponsor of large-scale collections, exhibitions, and artists.