Interview with label m: 2017 Winner

In an interview, label m talks to us about what unites all of the winners at The Power of the Arts and what makes the award so important for multiculturalism in Germany. 

What’s next for you? What projects are coming up next?

Over the past months, we were able to move into a new space with youth culture projects in another district, and to raise more awareness for ourselves. In music, dance, painting, and interior design workshops, we are now working to prepare the GARELLY SCENE Festival, which all of us will be jointly hosting from 31 August to 9 September. Thanks to additional funding commitments that have come in, we’ll be able to continue the workshops beyond the project period while also developing new formats in collaboration with interested young people.

Which of your co-participants has left the biggest impression on you?

The common ground quickly became apparent during the presentation of the participants, who really are quite different, at the award ceremony in Berlin: The goal of promoting social inclusion for everyone via art and culture, with the means for doing so being as diverse as the target groups themselves. These similarities became immediately tangible in the warm-hearted way all of the participants interacted with one another. It was very impressive overall.

What wish were you able to fulfill with the award? How has your project changed because of it?

The first wish was met, specifically to be in a position to continue running our label m project at all – a workshop for youth culture. Being able to do so is not usually a given. We are able to bring life into new spaces and work in a more professional, thorough, and sustainable manner. We hope that this boost will lead to an ongoing, solid foundation for the future. This funding permits us to process the full diversity of youth-specific cultures in parallel workshops. Most young people are active in multiple fields. We are excited about the upcoming festival and how the groups complement each other synergistically.

Why did you apply to The Power of the Arts? Why would you recommend to other initiatives that they do the same?

The way the call for applications for The Power of the Arts is formulated aligns to a high degree with the concept label m has been implementing since 2009: To use art to foster identity and identification as a foundation for cultural integration and social inclusion. It’s worthwhile to muster the courage to look for sponsoring opportunities, even if it is the highest-endowed award in Germany for cultural inclusion. We put in the effort, and were successful.