Meet the Jury: Lamya Kaddor

© Dominik Asbach

Islamic Studies Scholar Lamya Kaddor was born in 1978 as the daughter of Syrian immigrants in Ahlen, Germany. Following her graduate studies at the University of Münster, she joined that institution’s academic staff, with her duties including the training of teachers of Islamic Religious Studies. She is originator and co-publisher of the first textbook series for teaching Islamic Religious Studies in schools, “Saphir.” In collaboration with Rabeya Müller, she was the first to translate sections of the Koran into German for children and adults. In 2010, Lamya Kaddor founded the Liberal Islamic Foundation (Liberal-Islamischer Bund e.V.).

Kaddor herself taught Islamic Religious Studies in Einslaken, until she took leave of her position at the school in September 2016 due to death threats after the publishing of her book “Die Zerreissprobe” (The Tensile Test). She has a long history working as an author and publicist (“Muslimisch weiblich deutsch”, “Zum Töten bereit” – Muslim Female German, Prepared to Kill). She has received multiple awards for her work.