Meet the Jury: Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe (real name Samy Sorge) was born in Hamburg on 19 December 1977. His Sudanese father left him and his German mother when Samy was two years old. His early rap lyrics explored life without a father, between two cultures, as a dark-skinned boy from a modest household in the affluent Hamburg district of Eppendorf. In the mid-Nineties, he joined DJ Dynamite and Tropf to create the group Dynamite Deluxe. He has received all relevant music accolades, from Echo and Comet to the MTV Music Award. With more than one million albums sold, he is one of Germany’s most commercially successful rappers.

He founded the likewise award-winning label “Deluxe Records,” published his first book along with his album “Dis wo ich herkomm,” is a father, and is increasingly engaged in social issues. After three years as an Ambassador for World AIDS Day came his work in the youth project Crossover and then his own association, “DeluxeKidz e.V.,” which uses the elements of hip hop to provide children and teenagers with access to visual, verbal, and musical culture.

His goal of recognition for rap and hip hop as an art form led to the founding of KunstWerkStadt, which became a creative epicenter for artists of various genres and professions. Rap and hip hop are the instruments Samy Deluxe uses to orchestrate his subjects. Always consistent, ever reflective, often provocative, frequently humorous, Samy Deluxe works to ensure he is heard and understood.


Photo: Pascal Kerouche