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2020 is a special year that will be defined by crisis. That is why we are adjusting how the award’s funding is being distributed.

April 21, 2020

In these times of crisis, it is especially important to promote culture and art and assume even more social responsibility. That is why The Power of the Arts, an award initiated by Philip Morris in 2016, will be supporting ten projects this year that promote cultural understanding via art, music, theater, dance, and the applied arts.

The Power of the Arts in the context of the Corona Pandemic

In light of the corona pandemic and the restrictions it has imposed, the continued existence of many cultural organizations and artists is acutely threatened. Particularly smaller and lesser-known but no less committed and still meaningful projects are negatively affected by the crisis. That’s why The Power of the Arts has adapted its approach to reflect the current challenges without changing the essence of the award. A total of 200,000 euros in funding will be distributed among ten projects, instead of the usual four, in order to help even more creative artists in their important work. Furthermore, not only future project can apply but also those that are already in progress.

We believe in The Power of the Arts

“We’ve made a conscious decision to combine the promotion of culture with the social issue of integration and inclusion. In the context of the current social disruption caused by the Corona Pandemic, it is now truer than ever that: Art can bring people together and find a common language. That is why, in addition to our increased engagement in civil society, The Power of the Arts is playing a very special role for us this year,” says Elfriede Buben, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Philip Morris Germany.

Overall social engagement in the Corona Crisis: More than 1.6 million euros in Germany

The Power of the Arts is one part of Philip Morris GmbH’s many years of commitment to society as a whole, providing support for social projects in education, domestic violence, and assistance for the physically and socially disadvantaged.

In order to live up to the company’s responsibility as a member of society even in times of the Corona Crisis, Philip Morris is supporting social projects at the national and local level that operate in medical infrastructure, assistance for people in need, and economic stabilization of local small businesses. Aid in the form of safety equipment and financial donations as well as the personal engagement being put forward by colleagues will arrive in places now being confronted with special challenges. To that end, Philip Morris is currently providing more than 1.6 million euros for acute relief measures in Germany.

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