If you cannot find an answer to your questions here, you can contact our project team at any time kontakt@thepowerofthearts.de

1Who is eligible to apply for The Power of the Arts ?

Projects can apply that use art and culture to work toward social and cultural equality and understanding among all people as well as to break down structural, social, and cultural barriers. The prize is awarded to projects that are pending realization. To be eligible, institutions/organizations must be non-profit, domiciled in Germany, and have a target group of people aged 18 and over.

2Can I apply with a project that has been carried out in the past and is going to be realized again?

Yes, that is possible. It will be beneficial for the project description to highlight any potential evaluation of and advances to the project.

3Can I apply as a freelance band, freelance ensemble, or freelance artist?

You can apply as a freelancer if you are implementing a concept and/or project with backing from a non-profit institution or initiative (gGmbH, registered association, public-law institution, etc.). That information needs to be entered accordingly in the field “Name of organization, sponsor, or event organizer” (see online application form).

4Who’s on the jury?

You can find information about jury members on the website. The jury at The Power of the Arts is composed of prominent figures from art and culture who themselves are representative of our heterogeneous society. The jury is appointed each year by the sponsor of the initiative The Power of the Arts. Its composition does not remain static from year to year. While most of the jury members have been with us since our first call for applications, changes can be made. All jury members at The Power of the Arts are appointed on the basis of a high level of experience that has garnered international recognition. We are very pleased to be able to attract a jury each year that approaches the selection process and the deliberation on awardees with the utmost level of professionalism, appreciation, and respect.

5What does the application process look like for The Power of the Arts?

If you’re interested in applying for The Power of the Arts, then you’ll need to go through the following steps:

  • Register starting on 15 May 2020 at thepowerofthearts.de under the menu item Register.
  • You will then receive login data by e-mail.
  • You can use that info to login and start the application right away under the menu item Apply.

You can also register before the application period opens at www.thepowerofthearts.de by providing your e-mail address to receive a reminder when the application process opens.

6I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail.

Confirmation of your registration is sent automatically. If you haven’t received confirmation, then please first check whether you entered your e-mail address correctly. Also be sure to look in your spam folder. If you still can’t find the e-mail, then please contact the Contest Office at kontakt@thepowerofthearts.de or by phone at +49 (0) 30 5300 2945.

7Can I submit my application in English?

Applications are only accepted in German.

8If funding is awarded, will the Philip Morris GmbH logo have to appear in press and PR materials, or on our website?

The Philip Morris GmbH logo does not have to appear on your website or your PR materials. However, it is important to us that you do use the logo of The Power of the Arts, which includes a reference to the sponsor, in publications pertaining to the awardee project.

9How do I perform financial calculation for the application?

The application must include information on the project’s financial structure. To that end, the online process has an editable PDF for download which lays out the cost and finance plan. You’ll need to download it, complete the form, and then upload it back to the system. If it isn’t possible for expenses to be quantified with exactness at this point in time, then we ask you perform calculations for those line items that can be. In other words, please do some research to determine a value that is as realistic as possible, which will then be used as a placeholder until the final sums are available.

The document will be automatically renamed during upload irrespective of the name you have saved it under. This is done intentionally in order to be absolutely certain of correct allocation to your project.

10Why are the file names of the submitted pdf-documents changed?

All documents will be automatically renamed during upload irrespective of the name you have saved it under. This is done intentionally in order to be absolutely certain of correct allocation to your project.

11When will the prize money be paid out to the awardees?

The awardees selected will need to provide further documentation before they can receive funding. Those documents are: a current notification of exemption, an annual report if available, the most recent annual financial statement, articles of association or by-laws, an application form for the prize money, and a detailed cost and finance plan for the project.

12Do the 20,000 euros need to be used/spent in full?

Yes, the prize money must be used and spent in full.

The prize money is intended as recognition and financial support for initiatives and projects which thanks to the 20,000 euros will be able to work sustainably and make a contribution toward cultural understanding. The goal is to ensure that applicant institutions and project members find a responsible use for this funding. The cost and finance plan to be completed in the application provides the jury with a foundation to that end.
At the end of the project, evidence will need to be provided for the actual costs incurred. Approval will be required in advance for changes to the project, its content, or its finances.

13I’d like to make subsequent changes to individual fields in the online application – is that possible?

The online form divides the application into individual steps. Each step consists of one or multiple questions or uploads. You have the option of saving your progress and returning to earlier steps. Please note that all fields of a certain step do need to be filled out in order to save your progress. Should you not have an answer to a question, then it’s best to use a placeholder. You can edit it again at a later time.

14I’ve submitted my application and would like to change something – is that possible?

Once an application has been submitted, changes can no longer be made. The Contest Office likewise is unable make any changes to applications after submission. Therefore, please make sure your information is complete and correct when you submit the application.

15When can I expect to see a decision from the jury?

The jury will make its decision in September 2020. After that, the Contest Office will notify all applicants of the results from the jury session. An event honoring the awardees is planned for early 2021.

16Whom can I contact with questions? Does it make sense to do a telephone consultation?

Definitely! We strongly recommend you contact the Contest Office. The staff at the Contest Office will be happy to answer any questions regarding content or provide technical assistance for the online application. You can reach us at +49 (0) 30 – 5300 2945 Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm, and via e-mail to kontakt@thepowerofthearts.de. Your contact partner is Salome Beber.

Please note that toward the end of the application period there is high demand for telephone consultations, which means longer wait times are to be expected. Accordingly, be sure to contact the Contest Office early with your questions.

17What is Philip Morris GmbH’s connection to The Power of the Arts?

The Power of the Arts is an initiative of Philip Morris GmbH. Philip Morris GmbH funds the sponsorship money as well as the entire contest infrastructure. This Initiative is in no way associated with the company’s products.

The Power of the Arts initiative has a clear focus on social participation for everyone as facilitated through the power of the arts.

Philip Morris GmbH has a long-standing tradition of engagement in social and cultural affairs.

Philip Morris GmbH provides financial support for persons who are subject to social and physical disadvantages, for projects against domestic violence, for projects for the advancement of women, for educational projects, and for income-generating measures for young adults. Since the 1960s, the company has also been well-known as a sponsor of large-scale collections, exhibitions, and artists.

Since 2017, the company has been combining both of those characteristics via the initiative The Power of the Arts.