Terms of participation 2022

1What is The Power of the Arts?

The Power of the Arts is a award for arts and culture initiated by Philip Morris GmbH.

The Power of the Arts awards projects and concepts which use the means of art and culture to promote social inclusion irrespective of a person’s social situation, education level, disability, or origin.

The Power of the Arts addresses non-profit institutions in arts and culture which use their projects to bring the unifying potential of the arts to life for social and cultural equality, participation, and understanding for all people and are particularly committed to adults with an immigration background and women.

In 2022, The Power of the Arts will be awarding 50,000 euros each to a total of four projects or concepts in the fields of music, art, theater, dance, literature, film, and applied arts.

By supporting artists in the creation of purposeful spaces for understanding, discourse, and collaboration among people of diverse backgrounds, The Power of the Arts award makes an impactful contribution to co-existence in an open, diverse, and peaceful society and is a beacon for dialog, freedom, and democracy.

The awardees will be chosen by an independent jury in September 2022. The jury consists of people from the arts, culture, and related disciplines and is appointed by Philip Morris GmbH as initiator and sponsor of The Power of the Arts.

The Power of the Arts is carried out by the following organizations and companies: International Giving Foundation founded by Deutsches Stiftungszentrum im Stifterverband (Donors’ Association for German Science), Netzwerk Junge Ohren e.V. (Young Ears Network), and Boros GmbH.

2Who can apply?

The Power of the Arts 2022 award is open to recognized non-profit institutions in Germany whose projects and initiatives advocate for social and cultural equality as well as universal participation in a manner that aligns with the call for entries. Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary projects are expressly eligible to apply. An institution can submit one concept or project per year. All project participants must be of legal adult age, and the project must be primarily oriented toward people aged 18 and over. The focus will be on concepts and projects with a realization period between 1 January 2023 and 31 December 2024. Projects beginning before 1 January 2023 may be considered for the award, provided funding is secured via other means up to the time at which funding from The Power of the Artscommences.

All applicants and their project participants agree to comply with the objectives laid out by the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

3What needs to be submitted for the application?

All applications are submitted exclusively using the online form, in German, available on the website of The Power of the Arts www.thepowerofthearts.de/bewerben. A budget plan also needs to be completed and submitted with the application, along with evidence of non-profit status. Submissions by postal mail will not be taken into consideration.

The online form requires the following information:

  • Description of the concept or project proposal and its objectives, basic artistic idea, implementation, and target groups
  • Costs and financial plan for the concept or project named, with specific clarification on how the award sum of EUR 50,000 will be used.
  • Declaration of consent on transferring non-exclusive license for video and image material
  • Proof of recognition of non-profit status (current exemption notice) or proof that a corresponding application has been filed.


4What documents do awardees need to submit in order for the award money to be paid out?
  • Annual report, if available
  • Last annual financial statement
  • Articles of association or by-laws
  • Application form for the award money
  • Detailed cost and financial plan for the project
5Will it be necessary to submit an accounting report after the end of the project?

In accepting the award money, the awardees are entering the obligation to use the award money in line with the objects laid out in their application. The award money’s use and the actual costs incurred must be evidenced and can be audited by the funding provider.

6Declaration of consent and usage

By submitting your application to The Power of the Arts, you are declaring your consent to the naming of you and your application/your institution in the press and publicity work of all organizations participating in The Power of the Arts as well as its media partners. This does not apply to commercial objectives for the purposes of product marketing. Furthermore, by submitting your application, you are transferring the usage rights held by you and your institution to all image material (moving/static) so that it can be used for The Power of the Arts communication online and offline. You confirm that consent to such use has been provided by all of the people shown in image material.


The Power of the Arts call for applications begins on 1 April 2022. The application for The Power of the Arts can be submitted following registration via an online form by no later than 31 May 2022, midnight (12:00 am). The Power of the Arts Project Office reviews applications exclusively with regard to formality criteria.

8Legal recourse

Legal recourse is excluded. Employees of the implementing organizations and of the sponsor as well as members of the jury and their organizations are excluded from The Power of the Arts.

9Data protection

The Power of the Arts Project Office and all organizations participating in implementation agree to practice due diligence in handling the personal data from the applications submitted in observation of the provisions laid out in the applicable legal norms. The Power of the Arts processes data exclusively for the purposes of the selection procedure. By providing personal information, you are permitting us to save and use such information in accordance with data protection legislation and this declaration. Withdrawal of consent and deletion of your personal information is possible at any time.


In the event legal proceedings are filed against you and/or a representative of your project or institution in connection with the application submitted to The Power of the Arts, especially when a third party is challenging proprietary rights, Philip Morris GmbH as sponsor of The Power of the Arts reserves the right to exclude you from The Power of the Arts and the corresponding events at any time. Philip Morris GmbH as sponsor furthermore reserves the right to exclude you from The Power of the Arts and the corresponding events at any time if it becomes clear that you and/or a representative of your application do not subscribe to the fundamental values of a free democracy.