Musiklusion – Digital Partizipation by Lebenshilfe Tuttlingen e.V.

The Musiklusion project by Lebenshilfe Tuttlingen empowers people with physical and mental disabilities to play musical instruments through technological enhancements. Together with external artists, the project participants create inclusive and collaborative music videos digitally and continue their creative work even under pandemic restrictions.

“A topic with high innovative strength and complexity. It demonstrates that objects, such as musical instruments, which we handle as a matter of course, are not made for everyone. The endeavor to make musical instruments playable for everyone using new technologies, thus enabling quality of life and social participation, is definitely worthy of an award”, says the jury.
© Andreas Brand
© Andreas Brand
March 30, 2023

3 neue questions to… Andreas Brand, Musiklusion Tuttlingen

Your project is awarded in 2020 as part of The Power of the Arts - where do you stand with it today?

Thanks to the funding from The Power of the Arts, Musiklusion was able to continue under pandemic conditions and, despite all the restrictions, the cooperation with external musicians was intensified. The video publications produced during this phase of the project led to further requests for cooperation, which promise new, more inclusive cultural work in post-pandemic times.

What does the award mean to you from today's perspective?

The funding was valuable and necessary in order to be able to implement the human right to active cultural participation for people with so-called disabilities (cf. UN-BRK Art. 30, para. 2) even under pandemic conditions. Segregated persons were only given the opportunity to present the results of their creative work in the digital space.

What's next, what are your next plans?

The aim is to establish inclusive ensemble formats in which people act at eye level regardless of their personal, regional, social, cultural and other characteristics and abilities. Music should not only stand on its own, but also in a media, performative or installation context, e.g. in connection with the visual arts, literature, film, games, dance and drama.

© Andreas Brand
© Andreas Brand
December 10, 2020

3 questions to… Andreas Brand, Musiklusion Tuttlingen

Please describe your project idea.

The project Musiklusion gives people with disabilities barrier-free access to active music-making by utilizing digital media.

What will you use the funding of 20,000 euros for?

We will use the funding to design and publish inclusive music videos in digital cooperation with musicians outside of Lebenshilfe. This way, we can empower people with disabilities to participate in the digital space in a pandemic-compliant manner and to achieve a form of self-efficacy.

I hope that in Germany...
… especially in times of a pandemic, we will observe an expansion of community – albeit digitally – and understand this as a lasting task for our society. Musiklusion is a participatory project and I warmly invite all those involved in the cultural sector to make music with us. I am looking forward to it!