Nach:Denkmal by Fuchsbau e.V.

The Nach:Denkmal project deals with cultural memory and commissions ten artists with migration and refugee backgrounds to design “contra monuments” for the urban space of Hanover, to undertake new forms of interference and to publicly position the history of their communities.

“Germany has a lot of catching up to do in dealing with its colonial past. What is needed is a critical examination of power structures and narratives. The project expands the current discourse by offering a different perspective on our history and of what we consider worth remembering and preserving”, says the jury.

© Moritz Küstner
© Moritz Küstner
© Moritz Küstner
© Moritz Küstner
March 30, 2023

3 new questions to … the collective of the Fuchsbau Festival

Your project is awarded in 2020 as part of The Power of the Arts - where do you stand with it today?

2023 we look back with great satisfaction on the completed project Nach:Denkmal. It was realised as an independent project over a period of three days as part of the Fuchsbau Festival 2022 in Lehrte near Hanover. The process and the conception phase up to the actual implementation were valuable learning experiences for us as curators, but also for the contributing artists.

What does the award mean to you from today's perspective?

The award was decisive for the implementation of the project. The topic of pluralistic remembrance culture – especially artistic realisations in the field – is still a novelty in its consideration by the German funding landscape. Within the framework of Nach:Denkmal, it was possible to show how pluralistic remembering, which often combines abstract and less tangible aspects, can be transferred into an experiential exhibition context. We are very grateful for the award, which recognises the preoccupation with remembrance culture and enables us to develop it in many different ways!

What's next, what are your next plans?

Aktuell befinden wir uns in einer Phase, in der wir über die Verwirklichung neuer Projekte nachdenken, mit Künstler:innen in Austausch stehen und uns in neue Themen einarbeiten.

© Moritz Küstner
© Moritz Küstner
© Moritz Küstner
© Moritz Küstner
November 24, 2020

3 questions to … the collective of the Fuchsbau Festival

Please describe your project idea.

With “contra monuments” artists with migration and refugee backgrounds position the stories of their communities in the public space.

What will you use the funding amount of 20,000 euros for?

The amount of the grant will be used to pay artists’ fees and material costs.

My wish for Germany...

… is that we advocate for an open Europe, fight racist border policies and live in social diversity.